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"Girl, what did I say about talking to strangers."

Jud's jaw clenched at the blatant disrespect of being ignored. No wonder the girl had the social skills of a hermit. With a role model like the Archer.

The girl dropped her gaze, her face a mask of utter misery. "Apologies, Master. I thought—"

"Don't think."

The girl flinched as if struck.

"Sir, I was hoping to steal away your charge."

"Rose." Of all the ways to phrase a request. His sister had terrible timing rediscovering her courage.

The single word was lost under the menacing thud of the Archer's boots as he advanced on Rose, forcing her to back up against the wall.

More weapons clattered to the floor as Rose's head hit the rough stone with a dull thud, as she craned her neck trying to look up at the much bigger threat.

"Nobody steals away my charge." The snarl came from a throat that seemed to be made of razor wire.

Rose's face drained of all colour.

"You touch her, you're dead."

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"No blood."

"By Libra." His sister sank to the ground.

Jud averted his eyes as Rose pulled the fabric back over her arm."I could have ruined your life."

"As well you should have known bringing a human into this world."

At the sound Jud whirled, shifting in front of his sister.

"I am not the one threatening her purity." The girl who had appeared out of nowhere crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"Impertinent child." Jud didn't relinquish his position. The girl looked harmless enough. The archery equipment on her back did not.

Far from intimidated, the girl shrugged one scrawny shoulder and made to turn back to where she had come from. "Have it your way then."

"Wait." Rose, who had struggled back to her feet behind Jud pushed in front of him.

Jud cursed low under his breath. "Rose."

For all they knew, the girl could be a spy sent by the Water Zodiacs, or any one of a number of Land Zodiacs feeling hostile toward the Royal family. One draw of the bow and his sister's blood would soak into the ground.

Ignoring his warning, Rose advanced on the girl. "You must be his." She studied the scrawny thing with blatant excitement. "The Archer's charge."

Jud drew in a startled breath...

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