Give love another shot with Jack Daniels

A university crush turned boss...

Jack Daniels. Strong. Smooth. Powerful. He tilted my world on its axis at university. He makes my head spin, now that he’s my boss.

I have two months to shed my wallflower image and get rid of the cougar prowling after him.

I'm Lexa Harrington. This is my story.

Indulge your senses with Edward Daniels

A wickedly talented pastry chef...

Edward Daniels. My sweet escape from the daily grind. Like the most decadent of desserts. I can’t say no when he offers a bite.

Only, one bite is never enough.

I’m Angelina Masterson. This is my story.

Ride on the wild side with Michael Daniels

A bad boy CEO...

Michael Daniels. He thinks I'm out of his league. I think he's exactly what I need.

When we collide we don't think at all.

I'm Molly Rogers. This is my story.

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