Hi! I'm S.G. Lovell.

stay at home mum, wife, independent author

Official Bio

S.G. Lovell is a stay at home mum, wife, and independent author.

She loves winter in Queensland, mind puzzles, and serene places.

Her five-headed, single-tailed family is a multicultural fusion of European, Middle Eastern, and Australian influences. Her background is equal parts computer science and competitive athletics.

She writes to counterbalance her busy family life. Sequestered in her home office she lives the thrill of a WAHM, never certain how long she will remain undisturbed by her husband, her children and her selectively deaf dog. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a natural introvert S.G. Lovell is more social online than she is in real life. Find her on Instagram or Pinterest where she posts about her family, her books, and the amazing stock photography she shares with her readers. 

The Books

As an independent author I love variety and enjoy the freedom to write across genres. All my books include a thread of romance.

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The Blog

What works, what doesn't? Aspiring authors, fast-track your writing career with these easy to implement tips for greater publishing success.

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