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The Zodiac Heir

A gripping tale about betrayal, treachery and a love so great it transcends worlds.

Tentative blurb: The sole heir to the Gemini throne Judicaël must find his true mate to rule the Zodiac lands after his father's death. But when his mate—a young human female—threatens to gain too much influence over the future King discontent stirs among the royal family. Now, Jud must betray his own race to save his future for humans and zodiacs share a past that is written in blood.

Ushered into a world of steam engines and fantastic creatures, Sarah doesn't know what to think of the enigmatic stranger who seems to prey on her deepest desires. But when a price is put on her head and she finds herself hunted by a cold-blooded killer she must decide whether to keep her distance from the Zodiac heir or embrace the safety she can find only in his arms.

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Everything about your favourite characters, the Shadow of London and how I conceived the idea for the book.

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