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A university crush turned boss...

Jack Daniels. Strong. Smooth. Powerful. He tilted my world on its axis at university. He makes my head spin, now that he’s my boss.

I have two months to shed my wallflower image and get rid of the cougar prowling after him.

I'm Lexa Harrington. This is my story.

Sneak a Peek

See what's in the works and look under the covers of novel genesis.


I'm currently working on The Zodiac Heir Part 14, the last part of Chapter 6. Draft parts 1-13 are online and you can read them for free by clicking the button below.

The cover for Pole Dance 4, Gigi's story, wasn't planned until much later. When I came across the 'droplets on skin' image I couldn't resist trying it out. It fit perfectly and I absolutely adore the erotic feel! 

Gaze Into Me Deeper is still at a tentative stage, both for the cover and the actual book. I've been getting more and more questions about the release date lately. Here's the answer: No definite date yet. Sorry!

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