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Everything about your favourite characters, the Shadow of London and how I conceived the idea for the book.


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Character cast

Alexander O'Reilly (human)

Private investigator

Ballatar (Taurus)

The King's coachman

Judicaël 'Jud' (Gemini)

Heir to the Gemini throne.

Leo 'the Lion' (Leo)

Leader of the royal guard. Jud's personal security detail.

Lily (Virgo)

Jud's younger sister. Rose's older twin.

Maverick 'the Scorpion' (Scorpio)

The King's pet assassin. Jud's friend. Or is he?

Rose (Virgo)

Jud's younger sister. Lily's younger twin.

Sleazer (Gemini)

Jud's cousin. Second in line to the throne.

The Archer (Sagitarius)

The blacksmith.

To be named (Gemini)

The King

To be named (Virgo)

The Queen

Sarah (Human)

Judicaël's mate.

Location, location

London; The Shadow of London; Aquantis

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Single sentence summary

The Zodiac Heir must save his human mate from being murdered by his best friend.

Scene Synopsis

Chapter 1: Jud meets his Gemini (Jud's POV)

Tentative: On the rainy streets of London (Embankment) Judicaël, the sole heir to the Zodiac throne, must find his one true mate to rule the Zodiac lands after his father’s death.
When he experiences an irresistible pull towards a young human woman in a night club, Judicaël must fight his urge to claim her, for humans are the mortal enemy of zodiackind.

Chapter 2: The king puts a price on Sarah's head (Jud's POV)

Tentative: Back in the Zodiac lands Sleazer apprises the King of Jud's mate being of human descent. When the King—concerned for his land and people—orders for Maverick to kill Jud's mate, Jud vows to save her and kill Maverick instead.

Chapter 3: O'Reilly witnesses the disappearance of the three Zodiac men (O'Reilly's POV)

Tentative: Alexander O'Reilly, London's most prolific private investigator, thinks he has seen it all, until the unexpected disappearance of a trio of men through a brick wall leads him to question his eyesight...and his sanity.
When CCTV footage about the incident doesn't provide the expected resolution to the mysterious sighting, O'Reilly decides to investigate the peculiar case.

Chapter 4: Jud kidnaps Sarah (Sarah's POV)

Tentative: Orphaned at a young age, university student Sarah MacKenzie knows about being tough. When two men appear in her bedroom and threaten her with abduction and death she doesn’t waste time wringing her hands.
She attempts to escape but finds herself catapulted into a world where royalty proposes marriage and an overgrown monster stalks her humble abode.

Chapter 5: The Lion and the human (Sarah's POV)

Tentative: Forced into sharing her temporary accommodation with a lion, Sarah is determined to find out as much as she can about the situation she stumbled into.

Chapter 6: Jud makes a promise to 'The Archer' (Jud's POV)



Okay guys, I’ve been putting off giving you info about my Zodiac world for a long time now. The reason is simple—explaining the Zodiac world is not as straightforward as I want it to be. This is typical and usually okay for a first draft. But then, nobody tends to see the first draft except for the writer.
In my case, I’m putting my first draft out there for all of you to see and, to be honest, it’s a bit of a mess. I’ll try to clean it up as we go along, but November is fast approaching, and I want everyone participating in the Write Along to be prepared. That’s why I’ve decided to dive in, take a deep breath, squeeze my eyes shut and cross my fingers that you won’t judge me too harshly, when some of the rules change midway through the writing process. Remember, The Zodiac Heir is not a finished novel, it’s a Work in Progress!!! Novels evolve from first draft to polished book. So do the worlds they live in.

The Zodiac World - what we know so far…

The Zodiac Heir takes place in two different worlds.

  1. Our world. (Great Britain, mostly London)
  2. The Zodiac world. (The Shadow of Great Britain, mostly The Shadow of London)

The worlds are separated by a thin layer, a barrier you may just be able to see if you concentrate hard enough.

Humans and Zodiacs can travel between the human world and the Zodiac world via their shadow. A ‘full body slam’ (usually into a wall with a light source at the back) is required to switch between worlds. Small inanimate objects (e.g. clothes, walking sticks, handbags, anything small enough to be carried easily) can be moved between worlds.

The shadow portals that allow humans and Zodiacs to travel between worlds exist only in Great Britain. This is the reason why most Zodiacs living in the Zodiac world live in the Shadow of Great Britain. Some have ventured as far as the Shadow of the Middle East. But there are only a few million Zodiacs overall, and population is spread thin across the Zodiac world.

The Zodiac race is divided into two kingdoms.

  1. The Gemini kingdom is ruled by the Gemini King. Most land Zodiacs are the King’s subjects.
  2. Aquantis is ruled by Aquarius. All water Zodiacs are his subjects. Aquantis is a city at the bottom of the sea, off the coast of England. (I’m thinking West, but I’m not yet far enough into the story to be 100% certain about the location.)

The land Zodiacs include: Gemini, Leo, Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Sagitarius
The water Zodiacs include: Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio
Libra doesn’t answer to a King. She is situated in the north. Her subjects are Aries.

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Zodiac origin

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